The bags

I found this somewhere on tumblr, it was a gif animation. This is a very interesting idea. I really love it. But it seems to work better with this mouse over effect 😀

Random number except number 7

Today I had this little problem. I needed to generate a random number from 1 to 30 and the result had to except a specific number (as in this example, any number from 1 to 30 except the number 7 )
The code is done now, it’s working as it should and I posted it in case someone else needs this same code.

var randomNumber:Number;
var minNumber:Number = 1;
var maxNumber:Number = 30;
function generateRandomNumber():void{
	randomNumber = Math.round(Math.random() * (maxNumber - minNumber)) + minNumber;
	if(randomNumber == 7){

By the way, the code here is ActionScript 3 but if you remove “:void” you can use it in ActionScript 2 too 😉

New flickr slideshow

The new flickr flash slideshow dose have an embedding feature… it’s great because you can easily place your flickr images on your blog/website and you can view them in full screen as well 😀
Here are some of my images:

New flash forum

Last week I started a Romanian Flash forum with some friends and now I believe it’s ready to grow and get bigger because there are some Flash lovers here in Romania.
If you are from Romania or if you speak the language and you love Flash, please join us 😉

Moving to another city

Onesti has been a nice place to grow and to learn a lot of thing but now it’s the time to move on. Tomorrow I will move to a bigger city where I will have more things to do and a lot of new places to explore. See you later Onesti! 🙂

My first iStock photo

Yesterday I got accepted on iStockPhoto as a photographer and today I have my first photo accepted 😀