MiniPong Game

My first game published for mobile devices is here.

Made in Flash Builder with Adobe AIR, Startling and Feathers (for the buttons and other components). Next on my list is to publish it to iOS, but for that, I need to get myself a Mac first, since Apple does not allow developers without an Apple machine to compile the application for the App Store.

For now, please check the Android version and let me know if you like it:
MiniPong Game on Google Play

The game has a new graphic interface and it’s also available online:

Children Games, Tests and Exercises

In the last few months I’ve been working for one of my clients making some games, tests and exercises for children age 8-12 years.

The first one is named Comprehension Test and it is basically a Q&A application.

Sentence Scrabble, the second application it does exactly what it sounds like. You have some scrabble words and you have to click on each one and drop them in the holders on top to form a sentence.

In the third application named Vocabulary Match, you have to link each word to the specific image on the right.

The last Flash application is the Voice Recording one. Here a narrator will read some sentences first and then you can practice your English by recording yourself reading those sentences and then play it back so you can hear how you actually sound like.

The new Greetings Island design is here

This weekend released the new and beautifully designed website. With the new design of the website we also updated the design of the Flash applications and added a few more features for a better user experience.

Please check it out and keep in mind that I didn’t have anything to to with the actual design, I just developed the Flash applications and implemented the design elements afterwards.

Color Value To Hexadecimal

A simple utility class that will help you convert a color value (from numbers) to hexadecimal color value.

Basically you can convert the color value to hex string with colorNumber.toString(16);
Now, if you have this shade of blue “13311”, for example, it will be converted to “33ff”.

You can fix that with while(hexColor.length < 6) and add “0” to in front of the hex color output.

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Free file of the month on ActiveDen

Image pointer details viewer - Free file of the month of ActiveDen

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that one of my Flash projects is now the free file of the month on ActiveDen. You can hurry up and grub it because it is only available for free this entire month of June 2013.


Quick Tip: Replace Breakline (\n) with comma

Today I have a very quick tip but useful. I’ve wasted a few minutes of my life trying to find an answer for this because I’m not an expert when it comes to regular expressions.

This code comes in handy if you’re trying to remove \n (a break line) from a string and you want to replace it with something else (line a comma, as shown in the example below) you can use the following code:

string.replace(/[\r\n]+/g, ",");