360° image viewer

Tonight I did a test trying to shoot some photos for a 360 image viewer.
It’s working fine as you can see below. But I feel I still have to do some experiments with the code to make something better. And maybe shoot some better images 😆

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Links Menu System

This is a XML based links menu system that I used in some projects of mine. You can easily add links or category titles to the list.

xml based links system

You can download the source files from here:

  XML based links menu (16.4 KiB, 2,028 hits)

About CDATA, XML and Flash

How to embed CDATA content in Flash
From here you can download the source files

Supported HTML tags:

Anchor tag (<a>)
Bold tag (<b>)
Break tag (<br>)
Font tag (<font>)
Image tag (<img>)
Italic tag (<i>)
List item tag (< li>)
Paragraph tag (< p>)
Text format tag (<textformat>)
Underline tag (<u>)


Full Screen in Flash

This is my first post and I want to share the code for the full screen flash app.
This code works fine in ActionScript 2.0 so you can use it in your old and new projects as well.

So this is the code you need to use:

function toggleFullScreen(){
fullScreenBtn.onRelease = function(){

And from here you can download the source files