360° image viewer

Tonight I did a test trying to shoot some photos for a 360 image viewer.
It’s working fine as you can see below. But I feel I still have to do some experiments with the code to make something better. And maybe shoot some better images 😆

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Macro test

I did some shoots with a lot of different objects for experimental purpose only, and I believe this is one of the best image from tonight macro photo shoot 😀

macro test day1

New portfolio site

I’m working on some ideas for my portfolio site so the new site will be up very soon.
And this will be my first AS 3.0 site too 😀
I will keep you posted…
Until then…. stay creative!!! 😀

Yahoo mail is crazy

my yahoo


When ever I need some new colors to start a project with or something like that, I open up the Kuler panel and search for some new colors that will fit my project.
From here you can download the Kuler panel for Flash.


Analog in, digital out

This books it’s amazing!! I’ve always been a big fun of Brendan Dawes but I never got the chance to read any of his books, until now 😀
The name of his last book is: Analog in, digital out. I’m enjoying it right now.
I believe it’s one of the most interesting books I have.

analog in, digital out