Children Games, Tests and Exercises

In the last few months I’ve been working for one of my clients making some games, tests and exercises for children age 8-12 years.

The first one is named Comprehension Test and it is basically a Q&A application.

Sentence Scrabble, the second application it does exactly what it sounds like. You have some scrabble words and you have to click on each one and drop them in the holders on top to form a sentence.

In the third application named Vocabulary Match, you have to link each word to the specific image on the right.

The last Flash application is the Voice Recording one. Here a narrator will read some sentences first and then you can practice your English by recording yourself reading those sentences and then play it back so you can hear how you actually sound like.

The new Greetings Island design is here

This weekend released the new and beautifully designed website. With the new design of the website we also updated the design of the Flash applications and added a few more features for a better user experience.

Please check it out and keep in mind that I didn’t have anything to to with the actual design, I just developed the Flash applications and implemented the design elements afterwards.

Book Creator For Kids

Update: At the beginning of this year, the client requested a few new features and a some features removed. Above you have a screen shot of the new app and below you can find an image with the old interface.

Lately I’ve been absent because I have been working on a cool Book Creator Flash application.

This project was a new experience for me since I got to work with Flash and server-side code.

The application is made for kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

It’s a Book Creator type of app that lets you configure a simple book. You can then print the book to your local printer or save on your profile.

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Greetings Card Flash Application

I have worked on this application for a few months and now I see it’s finally implemented into

The project was for two Flash applications, Cards and Invitations, both very similar with very few different features.

It lets you make your own greeting card and invitation design. It’s great looking and easy to use, especially for kids. After you’ve made the perfect greeting, you can either print it on your home printer or save it as a PDF file.

The development itself was demanding and very rewarding, as I got to use techniques like singleton pattern, I’ve used the Facebook API to retrieve photos from Facebook albums and I’ve learned some new coding styles from my friend Biro Barna.

Go on, check it out and let me know if you like it 😉