Last week I finished working on some flash pieces for a client from GAF
First I did the banner/header for this site
Then this little app where I implemented some nice AS3 based animations

I did a lot of modifications to satisfy the clients requests but in the end I think we got some nice results 😉


YouTube Playlist – ActionScript 2 YouTube API

I did some projects for some of my clients where I had to use the YouTube API to load videos in flash from the YouTube website. I remember I spent a lot of time trying to find a working example that I could use on my project. I first tried to work with the ActionScript 3 chromeless YouTube API (a friend of mine did a fast example using Flex and this API) but just when I thought the project is done, I got a message back from the client saying that he can not use the player because it’s working through some JavaScript code and his users can’t embed the player on myspace, facebook and stuff like that. Then I had to start form scratch but this time I had to make it work with ActionScript 2 (at the time there was very little documentation about this on… after some hours of research and experiments I finally made the YouTube player in ActionScript 2 and I delivered the project without problems. Now I want to share with all of you the code that I used to get a project like this done. I have uploaded a zip archive with all the files you need if you want to get started with a similar project.

Click here if you want to see how this YouTube Playlist app looks like 😉

  YouTube Playlist (22.3 KiB, 4,839 hits)

Here you can see some of the projects I did using this API: project project, I did 4 players for this client with 4 different skins and very similar code on all 4 of them.