What I’ve been up to lately

Lately I’ve been working on a lot of projects, one of them being this audio tool. This is my first Flex (aka. Flash Builder) project and it was delivered with big help from my partner Biro Barna.

The tool is made to let people create their own ringtones. You can simply upload any MP3 file and cut it up to 30 seconds, add fade in / fade out if you want and then give it a name and save it. Then a new page will let you download the ringtone in iPhone format or MP3 format.

I’m in the process of remaking my portfolio site. When it’s done I will post more of my projects.

UserBooth.com is now live

We just lunched UserBooth.com. Please give us feedback so we can develop neat features and build the best flash webcam application 🙂

YouTube playlist with thumbnails

After I made the first YouTube player I thought it’s a good idea if I make another version with thumbnails inside each playlist item. So I started to work on the project, then I posted it on ActiveDen.net and then it got approved (on 8 October 2009, after nearly 1 month from the first YouTube playlist project). I don’t know how or why but right now this new player it’s the best seller in my ActiveDen portfolio.  I’ll try to make some more YouTube projects and see how this will turn out.

UserBooth (beta) – Flash Webcam Application – Photo maker

A few weeks ago I made a little Flash application named “Photo Booth”. Then I started to work with a friend of mine on a bigger project that will be very useful for those site owners who want to easily integrate a webcam application into their sites.
The project name is UserBooth. Right now we are still working on the application so please use it, take snapshots and let us know about your experience with the app. We need your feedback 😉


Photo Booth – Flash Webcam Image Capture

UPDATE: HTML5 Webcam Photobooth Web App

Two days ago I made a little Flash app that will allow anyone to take a picture with a webcam connected to a computer. Everything worked fine in AS3. It was only when I got to the PHP part of the project when I felt like I should ask for help. And I did, I asked a friend or mine (Mihai Bojin) who in a few minutes explained to me exactly what I needed to know in order to get this project working as it should (a big part of the PHP code is made by him).


The project is now open source and you can find the code and the source files underneath 😉

This open source project is release under the MIT license.

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Oded Antman Portfolio Site

A few days ago I got a project from a GAF client of mine. This was a portfolio site for Oded Antman. I had to use the slideshow pro component (a great component to use in portfolio sites like this).
After a few days of learning the API for this component and after I did some coding I found out that the component has a little bug, a bug that had something to do with the “navAppearance” method. My client simply wanted the fist slideshow when you enter the site to be without the navigation bar visible but when a gallery was changed and the navAppearance variable was changed, I started to get a lot of bugs in my project (by the way, I was working with the ActionScript 3 component version 1.9.3). I tried to get an answer from the slideshow pro forums (but I didn’t had the time to waste, the project had to be delivered very fast) and then I tried to find a way to get rid of the bug with other codding methods but without any good results.
Finally the client decided that it is not a big problem and I finally delivered the project.
This is the site I talked about:

After a few days I got a message on the forum from one of the slideshow pro support guys saying:
“Yeah, this is probably because the navigation wasn’t really intended to be changed mid-stream. As in, changing it to hidden for one album then switching it to something else thereafter. If you can you should keep one style of navigation appearance for your slideshow.”


The design was not made by me, my job was just to code the site. The site system is very dynamic. It uses slideshow pro director as a CMS system and all the menu items can be easily changed in the control panel.
I’m happy the client understood the problem and we finished the project without problems 😉